Modes of Creativity


Modes of Creativity

MODES OF CREATIVITY/Metaphor for plants


Before a good idea comes—there is emptiness, blackness, the earth with no sees planted

Preparing the earth—inspiration, self care, etc.

Gestating— An image of a seed in the earth—not yet grown

ideas are dormant but there’s faith in them

not blocked

developing unconsciously, underground

good activities: reading, watching inspiring films, looking at art, listening to music, looking through art books, artist’s dates, free writing, gardening, looking through work


Capturing—An image of a camera/recording/taking notes on how the plant is doing

taking photos of artwork or process

making lists—to buy, ideas, etc.

writing down or recording thoughts

bookmarking websites or people that inspire you

Flag ideas/notes from journals, daily logs, etc.. color coded —so I can return to them I am looking for projects to develop

Developing/Practice—Watering the plant/creating good conditions

Practicing a song

Morning Pages

Looking up words


Planning a class or workshop

Looking through notes, lists, ideas and making connections—playing with them


Harvesting/Organizing—An image of a hand picking the veggies—putting in a basket

Gathering notes and ideas and filing them in useable ways

organizing photos

Acquiring, making and placing tools where needed




Trial & Error/Play (part of creating or developing?)


Creating/Birthing—An image of a baby being born (moving the baby further along the birth canal)—actualizing an idea/the flower blooming

The work—writing the piece, taking the photo, working on a song, working on a specific song



Editing/Weeding—Scissors/weeds being taken out—can compost weeds—recycle paper that gets thrown out, can save as—old draft—can use cut outs for another project, etc.

recording the song, photoshopping the photo, editing the writing, editing the video


Sharing/Promoting/—A person showing to another person - or a feast where everyone’s eating the veggies/fruits

Posting something on the blog, Somewhere, facebook, emailing to someone, putting work in a show, performing

Creating flyers, advertisments, business cards, websites, blog posts