Hi, I am Zoë, and I am here to ignite your creative fire.


I have four main passions—the arts, psychology, education and spirituality—my life’s work is synthesizing these four fields into a unified whole by helping people wake up to the deepest truth of who they are and what they were brought into this world to do. 


I have worked as an expressive arts counselor, arts educator and creativity coach. I received my master’s in counseling psychology and expressive arts therapy in 2007 from California Institute of Integral Studies, moved to Mexico in 2008, gave birth to my son in 2009, and founded the organization ART FOR LIFE in 2011. I draw upon a lifetime of working in the arts as an artist/performer, designer and event organizer. I grew up in Brooklyn and worked and studied for many years as a professional actress in NYC. I received my BA from Oberlin College in Art and East Asian Studies. I am also a writer, blogger, musician and multimedia artist. I have a deep love of improvisation in all its forms.


My mission is to bring the lesser-known world of expressive arts therapy into the mainstream—to show that everyone needs, and anyone can—-make use of the arts in order to create a more balanced self, and therefore, balanced world. Humanity has a basic need to dance, sing, act, draw, and tell stories. This is what children do naturally—and creative expression should not stop when we enter elementary school—as it too often does. My mission is to return the arts from being limited to a group of highly specialized individuals to the realm of all people. The expressive arts are a vital accompaniment to the inner work we all need to do in order to access the fullness of our human potential. It is through our inner work that we can discover and develop the juiciest parts of ourselves—our creativity, imagination, passion, intuition, and compassion. 



If your desire is to light your inner fire, to heal and reclaim lost parts of your self, to create a more authentic life—one that reflects your core values and deepest passions—then creative growth sessions are for you. I believe that each of us was born into a unique destiny, and this destiny speaks to us in the language of the soul, and it is up to us to develop our intuitive and imaginative powers in order receive these vital messages. 

In our sessions, we will look deeply into the peak moments of your history in order to discover your callings. We will also take a compassionate look into your shadow selves—the forgotten gold of your personality—and discover how this forgotten link can recover your vitality. This process of discovering your callings and reclaiming your shadow will give us the materials we need to create the alchemy of change necessary for you to grow into your destiny.

For both my group classes and individual sessions, I have developed two styles of experiential exercises that are lovingly designed to either:


  • spontaneously pop you back into wholeness through access to presence (the source of our creativity)


  • initiate the more gradual process of creative growth—the inward journey towards your unique wholeness



I work intuitively and organically—weaving between different roles based on what is necessary to the work. 

I work as:

  • guide—making the journey into the gold of your inner truth (warts and all) as fun, engaging, aesthetic and inspiring as possible.
  • coach—encouraging you to trust your own intuitive voice and callings.
  • counselor—offering my intuitive skills you when you feel stuck or lost.
  • teacher—teaching the skills necessary to make positive changes in your life that support your soul’s needs and desires.
  • mentor—using personal examples of my own journey to help light up your own truths.



I  am flexible in how I work with you in creative growth sessions. I understand that it is not always possible to commit to a long term process, though I do recommend that you commit to at least six weeks of sessions, especially if you are new to this kind of work. We can do our sessions via video Skype or if you live in Southern Baja, I will meet with you in person either at your home or in my art camper.




I love working with artists of all types—musicians, writers, visual artists, performers—helping you accomplish a specific creative goal, such as: developing your artistic authenticity, or a specific project, such as: completing your novel, or embarking on a new art career. This work is similar to creative growth, the main difference being the focus of the work. I work intuitively and improvisationally—responding to what needs come up spontaneously, and drawing on my vast experience in the realm of the arts.



In our sessions we will identify, explore, and develop: goals, themes in your work, and working habits that will help you make better use of your own wellspring of inspiration, creativity and artistic integrity.


When you sign up for art coaching with me—whether long term or short term, you will also receive:


  • techniques to work through stuck places
  • stimulating take home assignments—designed to further the work we do in our sessions. 
  • support system via email in between sessions—where you can check in, ask me questions, or share your revelations. 
  • free subscription to the Creative Ignition Blog where you will receive weekly doses of inspiration and advice.



If your creative project is long-term, 3 months or longer, together we will co-create a schedule of  regular sessions until your project is completed to your satisfaction. This will most likely include weekly or bi-weekly hour-long sessions, where we talk via video Skype or on the phone or (if you live in Southern Baja) I will meet you in your work space. If your creative goal is more short term—your creative fire needs re-ignition—I recommend a package of 6 weekly sessions where we will do focused work to return you to your most authentic and productive creative mode.



I love working with people of all ages, walks of life, and levels of creative experience. I am sensitive to cross-cultural dynamics, LGBTQI issues, and have a special interest in working with creative moms to achieve the balance between the demands of motherhood and your personal or artistic callings.


Whether you are an artist, looking to deepen your commitment to your work and support in sharing it with the world, or a person looking to reclaim your passion in order to have a deeper and fuller experience of yourself—the work we will do together will be creative, fun and inspiring. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.



I offer a free 20 minute consultation via Skype or in person (if you live in Southern Baja) to see if art coaching or creative growth work is for you. After all, this is an important relationship, and it is of utmost importance that we click as we will be working together co-creating some of the most important work of your life. Send me an email today, to see if creative ignition is what you need to start living the life of your dreams.