at Cuatro vientos

STARTING Wednesday, December 14th

EVERY Wednesday, 2-4 PM

Create meaning, awaken creativity, develop a compassionate & curious approach to life.

Keeping an art journal is a fun and creative way to make meaning of your life--exploring with both writing and visual art. A journal is a mirror, reflecting who we are now, and what we want to cultivate in ourselves and in our lives. With a journal as our companion, we can find threads, patterns, and create reminders of our dreams and values. 

Each week we focus on a theme and a technique.

Themes & Exercises:

  • passion timeline
  • working with the inner critic and creative blocks
  • accessing the unconscious for wisdom & inspiration
  • self care
  • exploring inner family of self
  • developing an arts practice
  • sources of inspiration 



  • collage
  • water color & gauche
  • graphic design & hand lettering
  • writing prompts & suggestions
  • various expressive arts exercises


Art journaling is about making space for both words and images. It is opening up the space of what a journal is to include both the linear, and the non-linear parts of our experience. Together, we will discover all the possibilities for what a journal can be, and how keeping one can help you to live your life with more purpose, fun, connection, mindfulness and creativity.


About Zoë Dearborn

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300 pesos per class. 1000 pesos for a package of 4.

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